Profiles Series Productions, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Profiles Series Productions, LLC is committed to providing quality educational programming and profiling feature stories on companies, organizations and individuals that are changing the way we live. The mission of the Profiles Series is to inform and educate our viewers nationally and internationally with positive stories.
The Following are frequently asked questions about the Profiles Series hosted by Academy Awarding winning actor Louis Gossett Jr.

Q. What is the Profiles Series?
A. It's a series of half-hour documentary style programs which are broadcast on television to a national and international audience. The program features the latest innovations and solutions, as well as corporate success stories from around the world. The series is dedicated to finding stories that showcase the brightest and the best.

Q. How does a story qualify ?
A. In a day and age when negative stories grace the headlines nationwide, we are looking for positive educational stories that provide solutions to problems. You simply need a great story to tell.

Q. What type of stories are featured on the Profiles Series?
A. Profiles Series, LLC is an award-winning, privately owned production company which produces high quality education oriented programming. Our production team captures stories that cover a variety of topics ranging from Business, Environmental, Education, Medical, and Health related content. Your story may be exactly what we are looking for.

Q. Are you interested in stories from smaller companies and non-profit organizations?
A. Profiles Series LLC finds some of its best stories from organizations that are not the largest in the industry. Often times the success stories of smaller companies get overlooked and the purpose of our series is to bring them to life. Our producers have years of experience finding the best success stories and hidden gems.

Q. How can we be featured on your show?
A. If your organization has a positive educational message, we want to hear it. Feel free to contact us at .