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We thrive on the insight and knowledge of our viewers. If you have information that you think will benefit the public or a topic that will make a great story, we invite you to share it with us. Additionally if there is any subject you would like to learn more about, send us a request and we will research a show on your topic. We tend to focus on achievements and accomplishments, or if you will, important subject matter that usually get pushed aside from the evening news. Please send an email and let us know what is on your mind.


+1cas2016-01-13 00:37#18
the cannabis industry in california
+4Cat Graham2013-10-20 20:56#17
I'm Vice President and cofounder of Humanity Road - a unique 501c3 public charity of volunteers who monitor social media at the onset of disaster. In 2011 they contributed over 17k hours of service and over 20k hours of service in 2013. After the flood in Pakistan, they found snake antivenom for a doctor, in Haiti they located airlift for a critically ill child, after Hurricane Sandy it was housing for a couple, and rescue for a family in the Dominican Republic who stood trapped by raising flood waters, in Colorado it was a fence for a family who just wanted to keep their pet dog. They assist with urgent needs, and 'information aid'. They help individuals and organizions find solutions to complex problems in large scale disaster and they do this from the comfort of their home. They are a self directed work team, with training and a mission they mobilize online at the onset of disaster and coordinate to surround the problem. Please share their story.
-2Amy Summers2012-03-07 15:36#16
The last remaining public market, North Market, in downtown Columbus, Ohio, continues to be recognized as the premier destination for the support of local food, local business and local economies. Since 1876 the historic North Market has been home to local butchers, fishmongers, green grocers, florists, bakers and ethnic merchants, and an economic development opportunity for small, independently-owned family businesses.
I feel that this unique venue would make for an interesting program.
-2there2011-09-29 10:00#15
Do more shows on Innovations in America
-3Madison Schumacher2011-09-14 16:51#14
I love the idea about doing a show about the Dragonfly foundation. What an amazing job this foundation has done in such a short period of time. They have helped my daughter and my family through a horrible time of our life. My daughter has recieved such joy from the things they have done for her and the family. Please consider them for your show. They are out of Cincinnati, OH.
-3Sharon Baker2011-09-14 16:21#13
I think you should do a show on "the Dragonfly Foundation" in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are a wonderful organization that helps bring comfort to children with cancer and blood diseases. They have also helped out the family with some basics needs while their child is in the hospital. You could also incorporate the importance of getting tested and donation of bone marrow along with the recent story of a college senior who wrote about her bone marrow transplant and earns a top media award. ( And Sierra Elizabeths Journey on facebook. Touched my heart and I'm sure it would touch millions more if you air the story. Plus it would bring awareness to what a great organization dragonfly is and possibly help them get volunteers and donations.
Thanks for your time.
Sharon Baker